3 Yacht Design Trends for “Bonus Areas” Onboard Superyachts

The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a yacht. The larger the yacht, the more the interior volume, so any of these popular concepts for “bonus areas” onboard could be easily incorporated into a yacht’s interior design depending on the space. Your wish is my command is my approach to my clients and designing yachts and I am always up for a new challenge. If it can be done, we can create it…

Lounge Design
53M Trinity M/Y REEM Lounge cocktail lounge designed by Karen Lynnn Interior Design

Viewing Lounges 

Incorporating a small submerged room onboard with a viewing glass is a fairly new and popular concept in yacht design at the moment. A specially designed safety viewing glass can be incorporated in the floor or a wall or bulkhead in order to create a special space to give owners and their guests an amazing view and interactive experience with the marine environment. I love the idea of having an under the sea view with all of the marine life and being able to explore the depths of the ocean without having to be in water in scuba gear or in a submarine. This viewing lounge concept should likely be incorporated into a new build of a yacht so that the hull’s integrity remains intact and safe. 

Savannah Viewing lounge
M/Y Savannah Viewing Lounge - Sample Photo from www.boatinternational.com

Cigar Bar and Cocktail Lounges

Always a classic and favorite among many owners and their guests, a designated and intimate space or lounge to gather and enjoy a few libations or a good cigar on a yacht is a very popular concept. if the interior volume does not allow for a dedicated space, a salon or sky lounge can still serve the purpose as a multi use space usually for general entertainment and TV viewing. These areas can showcase a fine collections of whiskeys, wines, cognacs and more. Wine bars with amazing and vintage wines would also be an extension of this concept with custom designed glass cabinets to showcase and keep the collections properly temperature controlled. If the smoking lounge or cigar bar concept is requested, proper ventilation is required and regulations for the vessel should allow for this and this should be verified, as it should not compromise safety in any way.

White Rabbit Bar
M/Y White Rabbit Bar - Sample Photo from www.boatinternational.com
Amadea Bar
M/Y Amadea Bar - Sample Photo from www.boatinternational.com

Cinemas and Theaters

Another favorite and popular highly requested favorite among yacht owners onboard Is the private cinema or theater concept. To have a dedicated and acoustically designed area for watching movies with family and guests with posh seating and amazing sound is always fun and is used quite frequently for movies and entertainment. Many of these floating cinemas even incorporate your popcorn machine and bar in this space, which is also another favorite among charter guests too.

Again this is dependent on how large the yacht is and if this concept can be incorporated and if there is space to create it. If the yacht’s interior is not voluminous to allow for the dedicated theater or cinema, many yachts create a similar concept in the sky lounge area as well. 

Solemar Cinema
M/Y Solemar Cinema - Sample Photo from www.boatinternational.com
Axioma Cinema
M/Y Axioma Cinema - Sample Photo from www.boatinternational.com

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