The Advantages of using LED Lighting in Yacht Interior Design


In the recent years our design firm has done many Halogen to LED conversions onboard many yachts. It can be an initial expense up front but over time it is saves the Clients money and is much more efficient. The three main advantages of LEDs in yacht interiors are 1.They are much cooler and the burden on the AC is far less therefore the generators are not working as hard. 2. No risk of fire like in the old style halogens 3. The bulbs last much longer and you are not having to constantly replace bulbs which long term saves money. M/Y Falcon 53M Trinity interior design/ lighting design in LED featured by Karen Lynn

Modern Galleys Onboard Superyachts

When designing a galley onboard a superyacht it is important to understand how the vessel will be used. The most important question is whether the yacht is charter or private? Also, understanding the guest capacity for service is key as well. I usually consult with the chef or captain (if there is no chef) to understand what are the equipment requirements and the level of the food and beverage service. We work together to come up with a list of the appliances, refrigeration freezers and equipment and we discuss the space in depth. I then layout the space for approval and feedback from the Client and the Crew. Once that is approved and finalized I then produce multiple 3D images of galley to present for final design confirmation.

Featured here is the galley which was a part of a complete 36M

The 3 advantages of using 3D renderings for Yacht Refits


It gives the client an exact "photographic image" or the final look and design which can be changed with the click of a button before the project is built.

It helps the interior designer to determine if adjustments and changes to the design are needed as far as form, color, function, etc before the project is built out and completed.

It assists subcontractors with understanding the project workscope and estimating the project.