Design Concepts
Sketches & Renderings  

At Karen Lynn Interior Design we can work with our Clients throughout the design process by using various tools to assist them in visualizing their design project. We can provide the Clients with hand drawn sketches and renderings in color or black and white. We also can provide 3D renderings and animated walk throughs using the latest technology for a real time photographic like visual representation.              
These tools are extremely useful in allowing our Clients to see the finished interior design project before it is built and make changes before construction begins. These images whether a hand sketch or 3D rendering as well the CADD construction drawings assist our firm during the bid process as well, and help in obtaining precise and detailed pricing. The design intent then can be clearly communicated and understood by all trades, the builder, the architect, or the shipyard which is extremely in important in controlling costs and the project itself.

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