How to Maximize Storage and Space Onboard Yacht Project

Fort Lauderdale yacht interior designer Karen Lynn Poulos, shares on this post how to maximize storage and space onboard yacht design project.


2019 Winner for Best Design concept
Main salon design concept for yacht refit 116’ M/Y NO LIMIT featuring hidden storage in all furnishings, plus a coffee table doubles as hidden storage with drawer and ottoman seating including additional storage.

When designing a yacht’s interior, I always look for various ways to maximize storage. As we all know space is very hard to come by, so every square inch counts onboard a yacht—whether the boat is being chartered or is privately used.

As a yacht interior designer, I always custom-design all new loose furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables and accent-seating to have maximum storage compartments useful for storing everything from wine, to exterior towels, life jackets, and even stocking paper towels and bulkier dry goods.

Karen Lynn Interior Design Yacht Winning Hand 23 - Karen Lynn Interiors - Interior Design for Yacht, Aircrafts and Residential Projects
Yacht refit for M/Y WINNING HAND featuring custom-made pieces with storage in all salon furniture, coffee table with opening lid that provides access to hidden storage plus ottomans and sectional sofa al including additional storage.


For example in the base of a large L-shaped sofa, I will create a huge hidden storage cavity which is wonderful and especially useful for the crew. Depending on the style of coffee table, I always try to custom create a piece that will have a dual purpose function—a coffee table as well as a place with plenty of storage capacity. Often times even in the smaller pieces of furniture throughout the boat, like smaller sofas, ottomans and cubes, I will custom-make or modify pieces (in the case of a yacht refit) so they will have a storage compartment while also be functional as comfortable seating options.

Karen Lynn Interior Design Yacht Winning Hand 15 - Karen Lynn Interiors - Interior Design for Yacht, Aircrafts and Residential Projects
Yacht makeover and refit featuring master cabin design with bed base created with a hydraulic lift to provide convenient access to huge hidden storage underneath. Shoji screens at the windows also have hidden storage behind them, practical for soft luggage and duvets.

Another aspect I pay close attention to is the storage in the built-in furniture throughout the boat’s interior, particularly in the woodwork. In a new-build, I try to design all woodwork to maximize storage and minimize wasted space. I try to utilize all bed bases on-board for storage and often times incorporate a hydraulic lift on the base lid or create drawers in the bed base for easy access. I try to maximize every inch of space even in places like behind window shoji screens / boxes to store bulkier items such as bedding and luggage. During yacht refits, I have often created small lockers or cubbies for items such as books and clothing from space that had been previously underutilized.

Maximizing space and creating a beautiful and functional interior are keys to successful yacht interior design, whether in a new-build, a yacht refit or a yacht makeover project. The crew and owners always appreciate all the extra storage they can get and are grateful as life on-board is made easier due to these practical considerations.

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