Incorporating Greenery and Gardens onboard Superyachts

In my experience as a yacht designer over the past 19 years, most clients typically own, build or charter superyachts because they love the peace, relaxation, and exclusivity being onboard offers. The serenity and treasured down time clients experience when being onboard seems like a world away from the daily grind of city life and the hustle and bustle of business and the stress that comes with life. The sounds and sights of the sea appeal to the senses and naturally and historically have been known to relax the mind. The times and moments created onboard with family and guests are meaningful and memorable. This makes these superyachts a floating oasis and paradise and an ideal escape away from the world.

As a superyacht designer, I have visited many yachts throughout the world and noticed how more attention and focus is being put on the exterior spaces and decks, now more than ever before. The superyachts exterior deck design is just as important as the yachts interior design. The exterior spaces onboard superyachts have now become one with the yachts interior- as in the ever so popular indoor outdoor space concept, we see now on almost every yacht, when the yacht interior opens up to the exterior. We also are seeing the ever so trendy and popular beach clubs with oversized cozy exterior furnishings and lounge chairs and beautiful exterior lighting and umbrellas incorporated into all new yachts because our clients love these areas. I have also seen the rise in luxurious spas onboard as well offering massage, Jacuzzis and pools, amazing areas designated for sunbathing, outdoor gyms and yoga, and fully equipped outdoor bars. All of these beautiful ideas and concepts are well thought out and effective tools for relaxation in the creation of exterior spaces, however I feel there may be one very important ingredient missing. The idea and concept of incorporating greenery and gardens to create a space onboard a yachts interior and exterior spaces has not been seen very much in the world of yacht design.

There are a few examples of superyachts using plant life and incorporating a small garden onboard, but for the most part, it is an easy and important element that is being overlooked and underused by many yacht interior and exterior designers to create these amazing peaceful and relaxing spaces. Since greenery and plant life has also been historically known to evoke feelings of relaxation, vitality, and peace, it would be a “natural” to just add to the atmosphere onboard and contribute to the feeling of a floating paradise. The color green symbolizes nature, health, tranquility; plant life and gardens clean the air and contributes to the balance in indoor and outdoor environments.

Herb garden MY Laurel - Karen Lynn Interiors - Interior Design for Yacht, Aircrafts and Residential Projects
Herb Garden - MY Laurel
Exterior Pots and Plants MY Ocean Paradise - Karen Lynn Interiors - Interior Design for Yacht, Aircrafts and Residential Projects
Exterior Pots and Plants - MY Ocean Paradise
CL 112 BEACH CLUB FRONT 12 1 - Karen Lynn Interiors - Interior Design for Yacht, Aircrafts and Residential Projects
Beach Club Living Garden Wall - Cheoy Lee 116ft

Some of the ways to incorporate this is to add feature living walls of greenery perhaps in a beach club area as seen on our 35M Cheoy Lee new build project we recently designed. Another way would be by adding a interior living feature wall as seen in the master cabin on M/Y Serenity a 42M Benetti. A third way to do this would to have a designated area for onboard herb garden which many owners and guest love because they can help care for it which many enjoy as seen on M/Y Laurel, a 73M Delta and M/Y Sea Owl, a 61M Feadship. The head chef will love it as well as he can use it as well to prepare fresh sumptuous and tasty meals for this owner and guests. Additionally and probably the most practical and easy way is incorporate a small garden and greenery is to display some beautiful pots in the indoor and outdoor deck areas with beautiful plant life and greenery or a Bonsai garden as seen on M/Y Ocean Paradise a 55M Benetti And finally, for the garden and extreme nature lover and there is always the amazing tropical garden concept with real grass and plants as created on M/Y Bodicea a 73M Amels in which ¼ of the exterior deck was living garden and dog park.

Dog Park and tropical garden MY Bodicea - Karen Lynn Interiors - Interior Design for Yacht, Aircrafts and Residential Projects
Dog Park and tropical garden - MY Bodicea
kWigtVIPSliKBVpRdh9v best super yacht gardens mondomarine serenity 1920x1080 1 - Karen Lynn Interiors - Interior Design for Yacht, Aircrafts and Residential Projects
Master Garden Wall - MY Serenity

Final tip from Karen Lynn:
The color green from plant life and incorporating small gardens and elements of nature onboard a yacht interior and/or exterior space with combined with the existing beautiful various colors of serene blue of the sky and sea from amazing views all around on superyachts can relax,heal, revitalize and restore the soul. After all, this is reason our superyacht clients, their family and guests spend time onboard and love yachting in the first place. Studies show being in nature or even viewing a scene of nature, reduces anger, fear, stress, and increases pleasant feelings. Studies also show exposure to nature, gardens and plant life not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical well being by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and stress. Research done is hospitals, offices and schools, have found even a simple plant can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety. In conclusion, nature heals and restores, so let us implement this more and apply in superyacht design for enjoyment and a purpose.

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